CAD Files - HSM6

Altium (4.7 KB)

Autodesk EAGLE

Zymbit_HSM - (3.8 KB)

KiCAD (Version 6 only)

Zymbit HSM Library-KiCAD (5.1 KB)

Click for KiCAD Library Installation Instructions

How to access files using KiCAD “Nightly” / Version 5.99 / Version 6

Footprint Install:

  1. Download the above KiCAD zip file and expand into a folder
  2. Create new project in one of the above KiCAD versions
  3. Preferences → Manage Footprint Libraries
  4. Add downloaded “Zymbit HSM Library-KiCAD 6” file
  5. HSM_Footprint schematic should now be available to access through View → Footprint Library Browser

Schematic Install:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 in the Footprint Install instructions above
  2. Preferences → Manage Symbol Libraries
  3. Add “Zymbit_HSM.kicad_sym” file from the downloaded “Zymbit HSM Library-KiCAD 6” folder
  4. Zymbit_HSM symbol should now be available to access through View → Symbol Library Browser

3D Step Model

HSM6 Can Assembly REV D (378.5 KB)

CAD Graphic Summary