Discrepancy in C++ library

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In https://s3.amazonaws.com/zk-sw-repo/zkAppUtilsClass.cpp.pdf [access date: 29.07.2020] getECDSAPubKey() is listed as deprecated. Function exportPubKey() is described as available and is present in /usr/include/zymkey/zkAppUtilsClass.h, but /usr/lib/libzkAppUtilsClassCPP.so does not contain appropriate symbols.

Versions of zymkey libraries after update and upgrade:
libzk ā€“ 1.1-15
libzymkeyssl ā€“ 1.0-10
zkapputilslib ā€“ 1.1-11
zkbootrtc ā€“ 1.1-14
zkifc ā€“ 1.2-21
zkpkcs11 ā€“ 1.0-2
zksaapps ā€“ 1.0-13

Iā€™m using Zymkey 4i on RPi 4. Should I use deprecated function or maybe update the library somehow?

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Hi Krzysztof,

We are looking into this for you.