Encrypt Root File System on Raspberry Pi - using LUKS & dm-crypt


With this option can I completelly remove SDcard? I thought it was still necessary to for the /boot partition


How can i recognized that The phace 2 is running?


@Iker That’s correct, you still need the SD card for the /boot partition.


@pico2183 The console that you started the script from will show 2 lines when phase 1 has completed:
root file sys conversion phase 1 complete.
Rebooting to installer partition to start phase 2...


So, there is any chance I can remove completelly SDcard now that Rasperry Pi 3B+ is booted from USB?
Moving /boot from SDcard to a second USB might work?


I’m sorry, but After reboot, how do i know that it started?
Reboot it’s very quickly