Getting Started with ZYMKEY 4i

Hi again, @Tgratier!

You can clear tamper detect notifications even when the lock tab has been cut (production mode). Keep in mind that if a tamper detect that has self destruct mode set, it will not matter because the zymkey destroys itself at that point. Once in production mode, the tamper detect actions cannot be changed.

However, in the scenario you show, you can have one TD configured for the notify action and the other one configured for self destruct. If the self destruct one is tripped, then the key will be destroyed. If only the notify TD trips, you will get a notification event which can be cleared. The self destruct TD can never be cleared.

Am I understanding your use case correctly?

Yes you did!
Thx you so much (again) for all these clarifications :ok_hand:

previously the Zymkey module was working fine in raspbian stretch (raspberry 3), but when I upgraded to raspberry pi 3+ and raspbian buster, the zymkey is not binding (its blinking 5 times/sec), but not once in 3 sec.
Also, irrespective of that when I tried to run the test code, they were giving the attribute error (which I believe is secondary, primary is binding issue.)
is it the stretch/ buster issue, or am I missing something?

Hi, could you please help me out with my question?

@siddhartha,I’m also experiencing same thing…Need reply for the same.

Critical members of our staff are on travel at the moment, but we will have an answer early next week.

Did you upgrade from an existing installation of Stretch to Buster or was this a fresh install? If the answer is no, then I assume you have done a fresh installation of Buster. Check to insure that you have enabled i2c support with sudo raspi-config.

We have tested things out and, in spite of an issue reported with Buster involving the Suite status to have changed from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’, we have no problem with Zymkey binding under Buster if the instructions in “Getting Started” are followed.

I wrote my own test code that do only encryption and decryption of data using public key
that is working fine but when I integrate with my project code its giving error in lock bad return code -110 after that zymkey is blinking 5 times per second.If I reboot raspberrypi then only it will
bind properly and one blink per second if I run my project code means it will blink fastly.binding ll go off.

Now I’m able to run both test codes without errors .I just converted strings of data into byte array
and encoded (utf8).

Yes, I did that, and in past it was working just fine.
Is there a possibility of that somehow, I accidentally broke the zymkey? Its taking power that for sure, but not binding after multiple reboots and installations. I switched back to ‘stretch’ but still its not binding.

Are there any other devices on the i2c bus or on GPIO4?