Installing zymbit on the Arduino Yún

Installation on the Yún is slightly tricky due to its limited disk space, however, it works great once installed.

First thing that needs to be done is move root's cache directory over to /tmp so that it does not take up any of the flash’s space:

root@zymbot:~# rm -rf /root/.cache
root@zymbot:~# ln -s /tmp /root/.cache

Next, install some system packages:

root@zymbot:~# opkg install python-openssl setuptools
root@zymbot:~# easy_install pip
root@zymbot:~# pip install --upgrade setuptools

Now the zymbit package can be installed:

root@zymbot:~# pip install zymbit

Once installed, call the provision command with your provisioning token. The token is found on the zymbit console:

root@zymbot:~# zymbit provision <provisioning token>