No light and hot to touch


I’ve been dev’ing with your HSM6 for a while and experienced no issues. Having left it for a month or so and came back to it I’m not seeing it light up at all anymore and whilst plugged in it seems to be getting very hot.

The zkifc service reports that it is running but when using the Python API zymkey.client returns a None type. Appearing to fail to connect to any device.

As it has previously working I’m confident that the system has been set up correctly.
If it had self destructed would it fail to show any lights?
Should the device ever really run hot?

Compute Module 4
Ubuntu 20 LTS


It appears that if I take the battery out from the HSM6 it will return to flashing 5 blinks per seconds. But never binds

Hello Haydon, we suspect that you have a very early engineering sample of the HSM6. Can you snap a photo of the bar code and send back to so we can confirm?

Thanks for the fast response, I have sent an email to yourselves

Just adding a note here that it was determined to be an early engineering sample and we replaced the unit.