Perimeter Data - need help


On my Micro USB cable - I have Red and green wires connected, and black and white wires connected.

Is it black and red wires as one, and white and green as the other?

I get an array back:

[0L, 1508189040L]

What do those mean, is the first field Black & red, and White and Green second element?

I do the following:

[0L, 192106L]

when I detach black and white: (0 changes to > 0)

[1508188800L, 192106L]

when I detach red and green: (nothing changes)

[1508188800L, 192106L]

A) Is my wiring correct?
B) How do I determine if someone breaks either wire?
C) Red & Green are not signalling

Perimeter Detect wiring

What pins are you red/black/green//white wires connecting to ?

Have you used a standard microUSB to USB cable and cut off the USB end ?


Have you used a microUSB (male) to microUSB (female) and cutt of the female end ?


Have you built something yourself ?


I cut the USB off, leaving only the microUSB connector. The black and white are the outer pins, and the white and green are the inner wires.


It important that you use a micro-usb EXTENSION cable, which carries all the necessary signals. See below.

A standard micro-usb charging cable will NOT work, because it does not usually have a wire in slot 4.

Here is one example of an extension cable that will work.


thanks for the info! This is exactly what I needed - I had wrong cable :frowning: