Perimeter Detect - Application Examples


Here we share some practical examples of how to use perimeter detect with ProtoKit 4 - more ideas to be added soon…

Cable Connect: External Perimeter Circuits

If you want to build perimeter circuits outside of the protokit box, then the simplest way is to use a microUSB extension cable.

Adapter Connect: Internal Circuits on ProtoKit4

If you want to build perimeter circuits inside or around the protokit box then use an Adapter to connect the microUSB to the ProtoKit board. Buy Adapter >

Fitting Adapter to Zymkey4 and ProtoKit4

Using Perim Circuits on ProtoKit4

The Adapter makes the following four perimeter signals available on the protoboard:

  • PERIM_1B
  • PERIM_2B
  • PERIM_2A
  • PERIM_1A

Examples Of How to Use Perim Circuits on Protokit4

A security shield/mesh that covers the Pi.

This is fitted into the lid of the ProtoKit 4 and pogo pins connect the top mesh to the the bottom board. When the lid is closed, the circuit is closed.

Great update! Thank you! I see the adapter module has been listed on the store, are there any plans to sell the security shield as well?

Good to hear this was helpful.
We are making some general upgrades to the Protokit, including making the security shield available as an option. We will be sharing more information on this early March… stay tuned.

Is the security shield now available as an option on the

@jason - not currently available on the 4S. But we have a new protokit being announced next month… we’ll keep you posted on that via email. How many of the shields might you need ?