Refrigeration Analyzer: Subscribing to Data

You can test your newly created data stream by subscribing with

zymbit subscribe data.<uuid>.analyzer.#

The result should be a continuous stream of raw json payloads that will look something like:

{"action": "data", "timestamp": "2015-08-20T08:31:43.441768", "meta": {"subscription": {"routing_key": "data.<uuid>.analyzer.#"}, "client": {"uuid": "<uuid>"}, "connection_id": "bafc82db-e083-4fde-9d43-97fbe9c6379c", “routing_key”: "data.<uuid>analyzer.Case.28000006156310"}, "params": {"value": 8.0, "key": "analyzer.Case.28xxxxxxxx"}, "message_id": "f4c511af-e13b-4247-a914-5aaba8bfa271"}

This should be enough to get started publishing your own refrigeration data using Zymbit.connect. I will include a github repository link and a tutorial on how to control the display in the next blog update. Please leave any comments