Speed of encryption decryption


Hello everyone,

these days I’ve been testing my Raspberry Pi 3B +, encrypting and decrypting files with OpenSSL. The files size were of 585,5KB, 4,6MB and 22,9MB, and the resoults were nearly immediately, but when I tryed with Zymbit the results were really worrying, it costs about 3 minutes for the first one, 15 minutes for the second and nearly 77 minutes for the last one.

The files are in plain text, transformed into strings, so any special character is inside the files. I’ve thought it should be more efficient.

I’ve formated Raspberry, not only I’ve reinstalled the software of the chip, but also I’ve followed the steps of the guide again:

  • I’ve configured the I2C connection
  • Blue LED is turning on and off correctly after installing the packages.
  • I’ve turned on Real Time Clock of Raspberry.

After running a couple of times my scripts I checked TOP command, during the process Raspberry’s CPU only gave to Zymbit 1,9% of usage, and above 95% of it was in IDLE, so it is not anything related with scheduling priorities.

Maybe I have a bottleneck somewhere, or maybe I’ve omitted some key step.

Please could you tell me if it is normal this slow speed?
Thank you in advance.