Ubuntu 20.04 Focal

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released last month. Its distro name is Focal and long term support goes till April 2025.

I decided to try installing the Zymbit tools to test compatibility. I didn’t get very far but here are my findings:

  • There is no python-pip package any longer. Then again, I believe support for Python 2 was dropped in January. This breaks the install script.
  • The gpio group add and permissions changes in the beginning of the install script only execute if the group doesn’t exist. I think everything except the group add should probably be brought outside that if statement if they are relevant.
  • I was hoping the install script could be made non-interactive. It requires answering “YES” if the gpio group does not exist.
  • For my particular use case, I want to install the software without enabling any systemd services and without reloading the device.

I’ll keep hacking away at it and will post any further findings.

Zymbit: Are there any current plans on the horizon to support 20.04? Thanks!

We plan on supporting Ubuntu 20.04 in an upcoming release.

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