Authentication example with TPM private key

Regarding with authentication capabilities on Zymkey 4 I would like to get an example to perfom an API python request for 2-way authentication using private key in TPM.



Alberto, this question is not specific enough to be answered. Which authentication capabilities are you referring to? There are 3 EC key pairs and I think two AES keys on the zymkey 4. Are you trying to use one of those?
What api? An API request in python? A request to a python API? An API using python requests? Please clarify.
You say 2-way authentication, perhaps you mean “mutual transport layer security”? If that is the case you need to create a pki, and should use smallsetp.
The zymkey is not a TPM. If you have a TPM in your system and want to use it in authentication, that has nothing to do with the zymkey.
If you want to leverage the security of your zymkey for authenticating to remote resources, you should generate a CSR following the instructions in the documentation, sign that CSR with your private CA, configure your remote server to require client certificates signed by your private ca, and finally, configure your client software (on the zymkey side) to utilize the signed cert and zymkey_ssl engine.
if your client cannot use custom engines then you will have to use a traditional keypair and then leverage the zymkey to protect it on disk.