Can't remove key

I’ve been trying to develop a script for removing all keys from a ZymKey 4i

As the 4I doesn’t support the get_slot_alloc_list command and only has 3 slots I am attempting to explicitly remove the keys as follows


When I attempt this I receive the following error “bad return code -1”.

I have checked to make sure there are keys in the slots using zymkey.client.get_public_key(0)
There appears to be keys in the slots,

What am I doing wrong. The API documentation doesn’t give much information as to why it’s not working.

Hi Zeo,

The API doc is automatically generated and included support that is only available in a near-future product. remove_key() is not supported for the Zymkey 4i. What is your use case for removing the keys?


Oh, that makes sense.
My use case was that i was essentially trying to replicate the intrusion detection key wipe functionality programatically I.E. Wipe the key when I call a function rather than when the intrusion detection circuit is triggered.