Cut 2 lock

Hi All,

Can you cut 2 lock before starting the encrypting of the sd card?



According to the docs you can:

Factory Ready Cut-2-Lock
For OEM customers, Zymkey can be ordered with Cut-2-Lock tabs removed. This means that they will be permanently bound to the first Pi they measure and bind to.

I’d think this is the same as if you cut off the tabs yourself before installing the module.

Cheers for the reply was just wanting definitive conformation before I bricked one:)

No worries. Probably better to wait for someone from Zymbit to reply then. :slight_smile: It would be indeed an unpleasant surprise if the Zymkey didn’t even do its initial, one-time bind, if the tabs are prematurely removed.

I’ve already had 2 fail on me for no reason today:(

@taospartan we are reviewing the files you sent us this morning via email, and will respond to you via email.
(Based upon what you sent us we don’t understand how you determined they have “failed”, but will follow up in more detail to your email).

I look forward to your correspondence