Disaster recovery plan

I currently use Zymkey 4I to build PKI.

My question is for disaster recovery plan.

How to backup the private key inside Zymkey in case of destruction (for any reason) of Zymkey card ?

Is It possible to use simultaneously 2 Zymkey (in active / active mode) or may be export private key and backup it ?

What is the best practice ?

Thanks in advance

@gannher We don’t currently offer this, although its an interesting use case which we will take into consideration for upcoming releases.

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Thanks for reply.
Yes it should be nice features to have.

Is it possible to securely generate a private key with Zymkey, store this key in two Zymkey and place Zymkey in two different data center ?

If it’s possible, I think it’s a good start for a Business Continuity Plan (not enought for disaster recovery plan).