Problem with testing TLS connection

Hi, I am in the process of testing Zymkey 4i. I wanted to create a connection to AWS IoT. When I wanted to test TLS connection with Zymkey Device Certificate:

#replace endpoint iot region with the copied endpoint
curl --tlsv1.2 --cacert AWS_CA.pem --cert zymkey.crt --key nonzymkey.key --engine zymkey_ssl --key-type ENG -v -X POST -d "{ \"hello\": \"world\"}" ""

I got this message:

I am asking for help, I do not know what I did wrong and what the cause of the problem is.

@paingod97 I double-checked that the steps here work. Are you following through this example?

My steps:

  1. From the AWS console , choose the IAM service .
  2. Go to Users and select Add User
  3. Choose a username and check the Programmatic access box
  4. For simplicity, choose Attach existing policies directly and select AdministratorAccess
  5. If you wish to better manage your IAM credentials, feel free to customize your Access Policy.
  6. Click Review and then Create User
  7. Save the Access ID and Secret Key
    Then evrything in subsections:
    Creating a Certificate Signing Request with Zymkey
    Option A - Using the AWS IoT Root Certificate Authority (Easiest)
    In the end, I wanted to take a step:
    Testing TLS connection with Zymkey Device Certificate

@paingod97 Did you determine what your problem was?