Same Encryption key for 2 Zymkeys



I am thinking to use zymkey in a raspberry network that communicates with each other. I was thinking of using zymkey to encrypt data before transmitting it into the network.My worry is that the receiving raspberry pi (with zymkey) should be able to decrypt the message. Is it possible to keep the same encryption key for two zymkeys used in two different raspberry pis?



Basically, is it possible to define/rewrite the encryption key fused by Zymkey’s AES 256 module?


Hi Vivek,
There is no way to rewrite the secret key. They are locked at the time of manufacturing making each zymkey unique by design.

Using true random number generator (TRNG) feature, you can create your own secret key, then lock it to the system using the zymkey lock method. The newly generated key is then used to encrypt/decrypt messages, and is protected by the unique, secret key onboard the zymbit trust module (zymkey).


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Hi Evan,

Thank you for the quick response. Can I share the secret key generated by trng of one zymkey with another.

My purpose is to use the same key as shared symmetric key for the aes 256 module.


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Just to clarify, the TRNG can be used for creating a secret used in generating the key itself (through LUKS for example).

We are currently developing a toolchain that (we believe) will resolve your issue and allow you to easily share keys locked to each RPi + zymkey system. I will have more details early next week. It will be based off the zymkey command line utility. Stay tuned! :grin:



Hi Vivek

Reading this thread, we might have a simpler solution for your need.

It would be easier/more efficient f we could discussion your application in more detail.

is there a good number/time when we can call you ?



Hello Phil,

You can reach me at +6598662329. Please call me anytime today (Singapore time! :))

Thank you.



Hello Vivek

Following our call yesterday, I am moving our conversation to email.




I try to develop the same kind of application where many RPI equipped with Zymbit have to communicate with the same AES key. Is there any news about the toolchain you were developing @evan?

Thanks a lot




I have a similar use-case, using ethereum for storage. I want to encrypt the data on a raspberry pi (acting as a sensor-data generating node) and decrypt it on another machine (acting as a sensor-data consuming node).
Can I have more details please ?