SSL speed comparisons on Raspberry PI?

Hi, I am considering purchasing 1 or more of your Zymkey 4i, but I have a question I haven’t seen answered.

I use a Raspberry PI 4 as a public facing web server using an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt. One of the web applications I host on it makes a lot of requests over https to the web server. Of course, because the RPI doesn’t have dedicated hardware encryption, the site runs a lot slower over https than over http.

Will the Zymkey 4i substantially improve the SSL processing for my situation? Also, do you have any charts comparing a load test simulating many https requests using the PI + Zymkey 4i vs just a PI?

The Zymkey is not intended to provide crypto acceleration. The intent of the Zymkey is to provide secure key store in hardware. I would not expect you would see any improvements in SSL processing speed.