Zymbit + U-Boot - A / B Partitions


Im using U-boot to have two OS partitions, A and B, both are identical so I’ll call them OS_A and OS_B for the point of this post. U-boot starts partition A, OS_A, and with a bootcount and maxbootcount I can determine if the OS loads or not. If it reaches maxbootcount, say 5, then U-boot can start partition B, OS_B, with the hope that will boot.

It also allows me to upgrade the OS remotely. So if OS_A is loaded, I can upload a compressed file containing a patched/updated OS and uncompress to partition B, OS_B.

Can I use Zymbit encryption in this deployment? I’m still very new to your product and not had much of a chance to play around with the units I’ve bought.

Thanks in advance

I believe that one could achieve this and it might be a relatively simple task if the LUKS key was the same for both root file system partitions. Since a dm-crypt volume needs to be started with an initramfs, some sort of pre-mount script would have to be added that could ascertain which partition to boot to.