About Zymbit


How do all of these products fit together?

  • The core of all Zymbit products is integrated security in the form of hardware security modules. Zymbit currently has three types: Zymkey 4, HSM4, and HSM6. These modules can be built into reference kits.

When should I use which product?

  • See this post under “Zymbit Security Module Features”

How can I order products in bulk?

  • To start the process of buying larger quantities, fill out this form for a quote. We will reach out to you directly.


When was Zymbit founded?

  • Zymbit was founded in 2014 by Phil Strong and Scott Miller. Read more here.

What are Zymbit’s values, and what does Zymbit stand for?

  • Why - Protect Digital Sovereignty. Defend from Digital Feudalism. We believe that our digital, physical, and social systems must be democratically designed to protect individuals, support society, fuel enterprise, and safeguard humanity.
  • How - Encapsulate and Simplify Security. Zymbit products give digital engineers the freedom to innovate. Securely. We help innovators develop products that are worthy of trust and inherently resilient.
  • What - Modular Products. Easy to Integrate. Hard to Penetrate. Integrated Security Modules that protect the digital sovereignty of people, things and their data. Measured identity, tamper resilient, digital wallet, security services. Digital Sovereignty Tools and Services. Through design, manufacture, deployment and operation.

Where is Zymbit based?

  • Zymbit is based out of Santa Barbara, California.

Is Santa Barbara considered a “tech town”?

  • Santa Barbara’s “tech scene” tends to be overlooked, as its beautiful beaches and plethora of college kids take precedence. However, partially because UC Santa Barbara generates so many bright, technologically agile individuals, SB is home to many start-up tech companies, including Zoom, Sonos, Raytheon, and many others you can read about here.
  • This map of SB displays Zymbit in reference to many other tech businesses (highlighted in yellow).
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How can I sign up for email updates about future products and new updates?

  • Sign up for our email updates here.

Where can I find Zymbit on social media?

Where can I find answers to my questions about Zymbit’s products?

  • Zymkey 4 FAQ
  • You can also post to the community site with any questions, and a Zymbit employee will get back to you as soon as possible.