This category discusses a project that integrates Zymbit hardware wallets - available in HSM6 and SCM products - with MetaMask. The project started summer 2022 and is currently a work in progress.

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  • Learn about the MetaMask integration and share your feedback.
  • Ask for new features requests.
  • Educate the community on relevant topics/references relating to MetaMask and Zymbit hardware wallets.

More technical details of the project are available here >

zymbit meta-mask integration project

HD Wallet Functionality from Zymbit
HD Wallet functionality is available in our HSM6 embedded security module and SCM4 secure compute module products. Features include:

  • Key types, nistp256k1, secp256k1, ed25519, x25519
  • ECDSA/EDDSA signatures
  • ECDH
  • 512 generatable keypairs to work with at a time.
  • BIP32 mnemonic code generator
  • BIP39 and SLIP39 recovery methods for master seeds
  • BIP41 multi account support.

Why Embedded Hardware Wallets?
Modern IoT and edge compute applications can benefit from in-device HD wallet functionality. Hardware oracles, pay-per-use physical assets and distributed key-management are all reliant upon generating, managing and protecting large numbers of cryptographic keys, and supporting modern encryption transaction cypher-suites.

Zymbit Embedded hardware wallet modules offer a convenient and secure solution that deliver qualified functionality with an easy to integrate API.

Integration with MetaMask
We are integrating with MetaMask in order to provide our customers with a more seamless experience when managing accounts and assets that are held inside their embedded hardware wallet, or fleet of wallets. We started a dev project in summer 2022 and we’re reaching out to you in MetaMask community to ask for feedback on features, help and advice on how to get things done, and to answer any questions that you might have.

Thanks for your interest and support !

Learn more about Zymbit hardware wallets:

Question from Zymbit
MetaMask keyring class protocol:

Is a pull request in the metamask-extension repo with our Zymbit Keyring the best way to get our stuff integrated? Are there more steps needed to be approved?