Zymkey I2C Beaglebone

Given the firmware embedded flash storage in the BeagleBone Black/Green/Blue series which lends itself to better embedded security models in IoT devices, are there any detailed docs available for configuring, installing and testing both USB and I2C versions on these BB devices?

Hi Veluvj

At this time we are not supporting the BeagleBone. Its on our roadmap for Q3 this year. We will let you know when its released.

Which linux distro / dev tools you are using.



Debian Jessie on BBBlack - Wireless.

We are working on a product for BlockChain integration in logistics. Would be keen to get the BBB version with Zymbit as soon as available in beta/beta+


Hi VJ,

Sorry for the slow response on our side.

Please sign up for the Beta program and we will get you on the list, and ship as soon as available.

Zymbit Security Module: Beta Request

Thanks, Phil