Pi clones with eMMC


Have you have tested or support any pi-like devices that use emmc?
eg, Orange Pi 3, Banana Pi BPI-M64, ROCK64 or any others.
I’m wondering if using emmc would be more secure than using an sd card if you weren’t using the perimeter detect component of the zymkey

Would the boot process be anymore secure using the embedded flash (smt, not a pluggable module) or could it still be tampered with?

I found a post from March last year where you stated you were working on support for Odroid, tinkerboard, beagleboard etc. Is there any update on that?


We have prototyped on Odroid and Beaglebone. Using eMMC, even if it’s soldered on board, really doesn’t give much of a security advantage because someone determined could still easily tap on to the eMMC signals and suck out the binary image, so it’s still important to encrypt partitions, especially the ones with sensitive data or intellectual property.

Using zymkey to store private keys securely tied to a tamper detect system is still important for eMMC based systems.


Be aware that some of the OrangePi boards have the pins reversed, so your board may not work. Or the smoke make come out of it…


Thanks for the info. We don’t like to see the genies coming out of the chips :slight_smile: