Authentification with "Internet Computer" (Dfinity)

I have a number of applications using a Zymkey 4i with a raspberry Zero (fully protected). I would like to create applications that interface to the “Internet Computer”. In order to create an Internet Identity or to register a new device for the Internet Computer one can use a Yubikey with a raspberry pi. Is it possible to use a Zymkey 4i instead? Did anybody try this or does somebody have an idea on how to do that?

The Zymbit modules all provide a measured system identity to protect your assets on the device itself, and to authenticate a particular device to a service such as AWS.

The Zymkey does not natively support generation of an internet-identity, as defined by dfinity. Zymbit likely has the cryptographic functions required, but it does not support a standard FIDO or U2F or similar open auth standard.