Decryption on zymkey

I generate a public key and encrypt data using the public key. I want to decrypt the data. But i want the decryption to happen on the HSM as well, for example, the decryption should store the decrypted value on the hsm and the hsm can choose to send parts of the data to the rpi in clear text. is this possible? thanks

@swakv The Zymkey does not store any data. It has three key slots that hold private keys from which you can generate public keys.

You could use lock/unlock to encrypt/decrypt data host side. Lock your data blob or file and it will be stored in your OS as encrypted. Unlock it to plain text when you need access, use as you wish, then lock it back up.

If I missed the intent of you application, post back more detail and we’ll see if we can help you.


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@Bob_of_Zymbit Thank you, understood. Additionally, I have one more question. I have generated a ECDSA public key on the HSM (connected to rpi). I have sent this public key to a PC via socket communication. I want to encrypt some data using this public key on the server. Is it possible to perform this encryption operation on the PC using the zymkey library as PC is not attached to HSM. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for the same. Thank you for your help