ERROR: no zymkeys installed

Hello, I’m running into trouble after I followed the guide to create LUKS encrypted drive. It seems like SD card is encrypted now, but the zymkey doesn’t pair during start up.
I don’t have a battery in it, because my local store didn’t have it in stock and I don’t plan to use the physical security or RTC. But can missing battery impact the pairing when in development mode?

Hi, May I know which board are you using?
RPI3B+ or RPI0W?

It is RPI3B+, I’m using 2.5A adapter and I have tried unplugging everything.

@Ganjys some answers/suggestions

  1. No battery required for the encrypt/decrypt function to work - but obviously you need 5V applied to you Pi.
  2. Can you confirm that the Pi + SD card + Zymkey have not been interchanged with other Pi/SD card
  3. Can you confirm that during your LUKS encryption set up, the system when through two reboot cycles.
  4. What code is the Zymkey 4i flashing, that make you thinks its not pairing (send a video to, if easier).

That’s what I thought, but just wanted to make sure.
Yes, it’s the same PI +SD card+ zymkey.
I’m not sure about the second reboot. It restarted after phase 1, the raspberry pi booted up, but nothing was happening( I read that phase 2 can take some time to start). I stepped away from the screen for 15 minutes and when I came back it seemed like it had rebooted again, but now it showed on screen that no Zymkey installed and the LED is flashing rapidly unlike when it paired with the pi, before encryption.

Can you please send a screen log - either post here, or send to

@Ganjys what version / release date of Raspbian are you running ?


I experienced a similar problem and have opened a message on the board. Unfortunately, I am unable to update the ticket. I have been following this message and thought I would interject.

I successful installed the zymbit hardware and got the correct flash sequence. The details are in a post under my name. I got the zymkey error of a missing python module.

I found later if I ran the zymbit install a second time, the zymkey error was corrected. I have done about five zymbit software installs and three have resulted in the zymkey error. Running the install routine a second time, cleared the problem. I can’t find anything in the output of the command the second time that suggest what was missed the first time.

Hopefully this helps. It has allowed me to proceed.


I have just been granted reply status (insert drum roll here) that enabled me to respond to your post. I experienced a similar problem and found a resolution by just running the zymbit install a second time.

More details are available if you read my post ImportError: No module named zymkey.


We have not observed any of these problems in our testing but what might be happening is that the installation doesn’t really complete. At the end of the installation, the unit should always reboot. Is this the case with your installations? If not, perhaps the connection to our apt repository is dropping.