Import openssl RSA public key to zymkey 4i


I am wondering if it is possible to import an RSA key generated with openssl into the Zymkey 4i?

I have looked at the store_foreign_public_key method in the Python API but I don’t what types the parameters (key_type, pubkey) are.

I get an error: pubkey_c_ubyte = (c_ubyte * pubkey_sz)(*pubkey)
TypeError: an integer is required

when I use (“RSA”,


We don’t support RSA nor does the Zymkey4i support key storage.

Foreign key storage will be supported in the HSM6 product targeted for release early 2021. In anticipation of that, the API documents include the future functionality with an indicator of “Model >= 5i”. It looks like only the C++ and C versions of the API docs include that indicator. You can cross-reference the Python function support with the C++ or C API doc until we update the Python doc.


Thanks Bob.

What key types do you support as I can’t see that listed?

Supported encryption algorithms are included on the datasheet. You can review here:

For the current Zymkey4 product,

For the next generation product that is capable of storing foreign public keys,