ECDSA verification of signature with foreign key


My application use-case requires to verify signatures over messages given an external (foreign) public key using the zymbit. I wonder if you could provide an example of verification of a signature using a foreign public key since the API documentation does not matches the current implementation:

def verify_digest(self, sha256, sig, raise_exception=True, pubkey_slot=0, foreign=False):

In the python API documentation PDF file:

def zymkey.module.Zymkey.verify (self,
raise_exception = True,
slot = 0,
pubkey = None,
pubkey_curve = ‘NISTP256’,
sig_is_der = False )

However, I cannot find such declaration in the python API installed in my raspberry.

Thanks in advance.

I apologize. I didn’t read your question correctly. I thought you were just pointing out the problem that the syntax in the API document doesn’t match the module. The zymkey APIs do not support the use of a foreign public key. You have to use a key from the zymkey. I’m editing my original post to reflect that.