Incorrect timestamp of tamper event during device shutdown and ON the battery


I am aware of the Issue #117 in SCM Toubleshooting section that talks about the tamper event timestamp being incorrect on shutdown. However, the page mentions that it should NOT occur during being on battery.

In my case the timestamp is incorrect even if I’m operating on a battery.

The case is like this:

  • I power the SEN,
  • I clear the perimeter detect info
  • I plug off the SEN (no nice shutdown - just pull the plug off the wall)
  • I unscrew the Torx10 screws and make sure the switches detects it
  • I put the screws back in place
  • I connect to the device and read perimeter detect info.

Please check the results below:

Checking for existing events.
Perimeter 1: 2040-11-04 06:17:36  [2235619056]
Perimeter 2: 1970-01-01 01:00:00  [0]
Clearing perimeter detect info
Perimeter detect info cleared

Some stats I print for the device:

Model number: ZSCM Secure Boot Gateway
Battery voltage: 3.2991943359375
Binding Info: Is Bound? False, Is Locked? True
Firmware Version: 01.02.02release
CPU Temp: 45.429988861083984

You can see the batter voltage is > 3.2 so the battery is connected and in place (it’s CR2032).

So for me it looks the timestamp is incorrect also when running on a battery.

Is this possible or this means there is some issue with battery connection / quality?
Is there a planned fix for this issue?

Best regards.