Mass deployment

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how to approach mass deployment? I have created a Rasperri image which I want to run on the RPi via LUKS. Protected by Zymkey 4, how can I avoid encrypting each image individually? Is there an optimized procedure?

I am interested in same, we want to move into production and the LUKS encryption process is troublesome for us. We also do not want to encrypt each device as this takes far too much time, we are trying the suggested method of re-using the external USB drive that contains file system, after the first encryption pass, but this is creating issues for us. Main issue is that the Zymkey will not pair with the device one using the existing USB drive method. It is not clear in documentation if the Zymkey should be paired with the RPi first using this method, and if it should be paired can this be done with a an out of the box install of Raspbian? Would be great to hear back from Zymbit on this to help us speed things along, we are very close to production stage.

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There are a couple of solutions for speeding the process

1 - Manufacturing Appliance
Zymbit offers a Manufacturing Appliance which is designed to simplify and speed up ‘mass deployment’. It is capable of uniquely binding, encrypting and loading images at a nominal rate of 50 units/hour, 500 units/day (actual throughput is dependent upon your image size).

Learn more > Zymbit Manufacturing Appliance DataSheet

2 - Purchase Secured Pi’s from Zymbit
Zymbit can supply pre-bound and encrypted (Pi+SDcard+ Zymkey), ready to accept your image.

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To find the best solution for your application we suggest you you set up a call with our manufacturing support team. We will discuss your specific needs, including volume requirements, type of Pi and SD card.
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