Zymkey deployment to multiple devices

I would like to use Zymkey in a project that would have more than 1000 Raspberry Pi (with Zymkey on each device). Everything looks good except that it takes exceptionally long time to encrypt and bind the SD card using curl -G https://s3.amazonaws.com/zk-sw-repo/mk_encr_sd_rfs.sh | sudo bash running each time on the device.

Is there a recommended way to deploy Zimkey 4i with encrypted SD on multiple devices without spending so much time on each device.



Several factors impact the speed of encryption:

1) File size - make sure you have removed all code/drivers/packages that are not needed for your application.

2) SD card quality - for fast and reliable operation we recommend:

SanDisk Industrial XI MicroSD 16/32G - SDSDQAF3-016G-XI, SDSDQAF3-032G-XI
Datasheet:   https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/collateral/brochure/brochure-industrial-microsd-card-portfolio.pdf

SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSD 32GB – SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA
Datasheet: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/sandisk/product/memory-cards/ultra-uhs-i-microsd/data-sheet-ultra-uhs-i-microsd.pdf

3) Power supply quality: - we recommend you choose a power supply that can deliver at least 3.5A at 5V per device. (Less current results in the Pi throttling its performance).

Once you have tuned in those factors, if you need additional speed then you should consider using a Zymbit Manufacturing Appliance.

Zymbit Manufacturing Appliance
This product can provides a fast and secure way to encrypt and program up to eight devices in parallel, at a nominal rate of up to 50 units per hour. (depends on file size, disc quality, power source).

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Zymbit Manufacturing Appliance - four-device unit shown