Encrypting from USB image


I have successfully encrypted an SD card with a USB and zymbit with this command -
curl -G https://s3.amazonaws.com/zk-sw-repo/mk_encr_sd_rfs.sh | sudo bash

I am now trying to encrypt new SD cards with the same USB stick. I have installed a fresh copy of raspbian and installed the zymkey software following the getting started guide. When I try to run the encryption command again (using the same USB) to duplicate the previously used image the pi boots only from USB stick on reboot and no image is present on the SD card.

Can you give me some guidance on how to encrypt multiple SD cards with the same USB.


I did get this working this afternoon. I had to do a completely fresh install of raspbian and update this. I then installed zymkey and changed the GPIO. I then installed my software and encrypted to the SD card.

To clone. I then installed a fresh install of raspian. Installed Zymkey and changed the GPIO. I then encrypted from this state and it worked, it did take a long long time for the wifi to come back online after the 2x reboot cycle.

Do you think it would be possible to create a docker image of raspbian with zymkey installed for the cloning process? It takes a long time to install raspian and the zymkey software before you can clone from a USB


What you could do is dd a copy of your original golden image (clean install, zymbit software installed, GPIO changed, your software) prior to encryption to your image burner system. Load that image to your subsequent sdcards. Then run encryption with the USB stick that has the original_zk_root.tgz.

Thanks Bob, I’ll try this

Hi Bob, do I need to install a golden image (which takes an hour or so to copy across to each new SD card) or can I install just a fresh version of raspbian and the zymkey software on each SD card before encryption with the USB stick?

Or alternatively (which might be easier) would there be a way to run the pi off the USB stick and clone and encrypt a blank SD card with that?