Pi 3 Model A compatibility (LUKS encryption)

is it possible to use the File System Encryption also with a Pi 3 Model A?

It tried it several times, but in the “Phase 2” the Pi hangs everytime on boot.


If i do the same steps with a Pi 3 Model B everything works fine!

What i have done:

Getting Started Guide:

  • Raspbian Stretch Lite → SD (Sandisk 16GB)
  • Install ZymKey Software ( via install_zk_sw.sh)
  • Reboot
    → ZymKey is in “Zymkey in Developer Mode” (LED 3 sec) For Model A and Model B

Encrypting File System with Zymkey & LUKS:
Option 1 - Convert existing SD Card to LUKS

  • Add USB Stick 64GB (Sandisk UltraFit) - empty (fresh formatted with FAT)
  • Install/Encrypt file system (via mk_encr_sd_rfs.sh)
    → Pi 3 A - hang on boot
    → Pi 3 B - works fine

Is there a difference between Model A and Model B Pi’s?

By the way, all typing is done via ssh. If this makes a difference.

Best regards

@kalisto - what version / release data of Raspbian are you using ?

@kalisto we can confirm that zymkey 4i should work on Pi 3 Model A, however we suspect there may be some edge issues relating to latest version of stretch.

Please try your application with Rasbpian 2018-11-13-raspbian-stretch-full.