Prerequisites for perimeter detect

Hi! I’ve bought the Zymkey for RPI 3 and working on the Perimeter detect. Its super unclear, but I suspect a Protokit 4 is mandatory to actually use perimeter detect? If that is not the case. What do I buy/setup to get perimeter detect operational? - Check this tread.

So. I don’t need a ProtoKit 4. Reading from that link. I am not a native English speaker, so did I translate this correctly?
and nominal length of 2 feet (meaning max length?)

What is 30 AWG?

AWG is the acronym for American Wire Gauge, a diameter measurement and is equivalent to 0.2546mm.

I suspect the 2-foot (60.96 cm) nominal length refers to the loop distance for the sensing loop. Longer lengths could start picking up electrical noise and inadvertently trigger the loop triggers. Not a good thing (t) :slight_smile:

Are there different trigger techniques? I’m new to this. Would be nice to have an idea of some loop setups.

I have not gotten to the stage of testing the tamper circuits yet (just received the hardware about a week ago). I am sure someone else here can answer your questions much better than I at this point in time.