Random number generator in Zymkey - Clarification Please!

I have looked at the documentation for the TRNG (True Random Number Generator) on the unit.
I know there are such things as CSPRNG’s (Cryptographically Secure PseudoRandom Number Generator) and that’s actually what I need!
From reading your docs that I must assume that it is not “seed-able”, i.e. it really is a TRNG and not modifiable to be a CSPRNG. Am I correct?
The reason I ask is that I need to use several RPi units (with their own Zymkeys) and they need to interoperate using CSPRNG based numbers, based upon a shared seed. I can, obviously, use existent CSPRNG routines but if you have them available in your unit that would make life easier for me!
Can I be cheeky and put in a feature request for a CSPRNG?