Raspian bookworm


Is it possible to send a message on a dedicated thread when support for raspian bookworm is released?

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@tennisparty We will make the announcement prominently on docs.zymbit.com and can pin a message in the Community banner.

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Hi bob,

Sorry to chase, when do you think this is likely to be released? I’m just trying to plan a project and not sure whether to stick with bullseye or move to bookworm,


@tennisparty - We are targeting end of January for bookworm support.

@tennisparty - We had a window this week to add bookworm (64 bit) support. We also added Pi5 support. All works straight from the standard install and encryption scripts. I’ll post a more prominent announcement early next week. Give it a try!

Thanks so much Bob,

That seems to work for me, the Zymkey is flashing slowly after the install script initiates a reboot. Bookworm has moved python installs to venvs, on that note where is the python install with the ‘zymkey’ module installed?
I ask because it would be useful for me to run the example script zk_app_utils_test.py after the initial install (and after I have changed the GPIO wake pin) so that I can verify everything is working before starting encryption,

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The Zymkey module comes in with the zku pypi package. You should be able to run the script directly.

python3 zk_app_utils_test.py

Or try this: python3 -c "import zymkey; print(zymkey.client.get_model_number())" It should return Zymkey4.

Hi Bob,

I was having an issue with dpkg on the initial install, I’m not sure if this was Zymkey related or from something else. This was also stopping standard raspian updates. I fixed it using the advice here - dpkg interrupted, after running sudo dpkg -r -a the install then ran correctly and everything is working.

Everything is working, thanks for sorting this so speedily. I am getting some error warnings about gpg keys but they aren’t causing any issues - W: https://zk-sw-repo.s3.amazonaws.com/apt-repo-bookworm-aarch64/dists/bookworm/InRelease: Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) for details.


Yes, I’ve noted the gpg warning. Glad it’s working for you.

I^m trying to encrypt the SD-CARD on my Raspberry 4B running Bookworm. Does the script support this OS right now ? any outlook on the supportability ?

Yes, support for Bookworm(64 bit) includes SD-Card encryption in the standard mk_encr_sd_rfs.sh script.