Which ECDSA curve is used?

Hi simple question but could not find the answer, which ECDSA curve is used on the Zymbit 4i?
I got the public key bytestring from the Python API and Im trying to represent that in hex to make a human readable public key, but using the Python import ecdsa is failing with an assertion error because I dont know which curve the points are on (I think!).

Zymkey 4i uses secp256r1, formerly known as prime256v1. Also known as NIST-P256.

Hi thanks for the fast answer, Im stuck with this effort, do you have a method to decode the bytearray to any type of string encoding?

I think the bytearray is actually two elements, but there seem to be unrecognisable characters that are causing a normal .decode() from working.

I am not a pro developer, so I hope this request isnt too cheeky!

EDIT: OK found it

import zymkey
from textwrap import fill

pk = zymkey.client.get_ecdsa_public_key()
s = fill(’ ‘.join(’{:02X}’.format© for c in pk), 49)