Which EC `key_types` are supported exactly?

Hello, I am interested in trying out the Zymkey for some hobby projects i’m working on. I was wondering, which key types are supported by the Zymkey?

gen_key_pair 's documentation states:

Generates a new key pair.This method generates a new key pair of the specified type.

and then for key_type :

This parameter indicates the EC curve type that should be associated with the new key pair.

which EC curves are supported? Would I be able to generate a key pair with sr25519 or ed25519 curves for example?

Those methods are meant for a future product and will not work on Zymkey 4i.

Having said that, the supported curves on that product will include:

  • NIST P-256 (secp256r1)
  • Koblitz 256 bit (secp256k1)

Ah ok, this makes sense, thanks!

Looking forward to whatever else Zymbit has in store then :slight_smile: