Zkifc install hangs

I am running a PI3 B+ and like to install Rasbian bullseye.

Followed all steps - but the install_zk_sw.sh step hangs.

Traced it down to the step apt install zkifc. This step just hangs.
Killing the process and running a dpkg --configure -a comes back with the message:
Setting up zkifc (1.2-36) …
rm: cannot remove ‘/var/lib/zymbit/zkenv.conf.jetson’: No such file or directory
and then hangs.

Any pointer what I can do to proceed?

The hardware was already running under stretch.

Thanks a ton!

Which version of bullseye are you trying to install? 32-bit or 64-bit? Lite, desktop, full? Did you start with a clean image? A quick check here of the install went fine.

I just debugged a bit more:

I started with a fresh 32-bit Lite version.

All service scripts are relying on reaching the multi-user.target stage.
And, this stage seems to be not reached.

systemctl list-jobs
JOB  UNIT                                 TYPE  STATE
1660 zkbootrtc.service                    start waiting
1482 cpu-governor.service                 start waiting
1    graphical.target                     start waiting
2    multi-user.target                    start waiting
116  systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service start waiting
113  userconfig.service                   start running
118  zkifc.service                        start waiting

This issue seems to be with the raspio 32bit lite.
I found a but which is raised against it: userconfig.service hangs when using new config menu for flashing · Issue #5 · RPi-Distro/userconf-pi · GitHub

I cannot figure out what the status is of this bug - but it seems, it is still there.
Also for my config, I did not set a user/passwd and the userconfig.service blocked everything.

The issue was solved setting:

systemctl disable userconfig

Hope, this helps someone else if hitting this problem.