Zymbit HSM 6 Full Disk Encryption on Jetson


We are in the process of vetting Zymbit as an HSM for our use case. We are attempting to perform full disk encryption using the Zymbit provided Xavier configuration scripts, however we have been running into a host of issues on a clean install (Zymbit libraries installed and verified) where either the copy process fails or on the reboot, we just get a black screen.

Has any one else experienced this issue?


@alaney - LUKS encryption on the Jetson is only supported up through JetPack 4.4 (L4T32.4). Later Jetpacks relocated the boot firmware from the SD-card/eMMC to integrated QSPI-NOR, which our process does not work with. We haven’t seen the customer demand to port to the new boot layout in 4.5 and on.