Missing installation file? HSM4

I have been trying to install the HSM4 and complete disk encryption. However I see the error in the encryption installation.

cannot stat '/var/lib/zymbit/': No such file or directory

This is weird, as I keep rebooting and running the installation script for the zymbit software. Sometimes this script installs the zymbit stuff, but whenever I run the encryption script it removes it, and sometimes the install script never makes the directory. So confusing!!! Am I missing something?

Note: I have used the zymkey and did not have this issue. Only having problems with the HSM4, and yes I2C is enabled, yes the HSM4 is properly installed.


The Zymkey and HSM4 are software compatible so that is strange. What PI and OS are you using? After installation completes and before you attempt encryption what is the blue LED doing - does the HSM4 bind and transition to flashing the Blue LED once every 3 seconds?

Also, which encryption are you attempting: 1) rootfs on SDCard; 2) rootfs on external USB?


I had to reset the image. I believe my problems were probably attributed to impatience with the installation process and running the install/encryption commands multiple times. Got it working now. Thanks!