Zymkey support for Jetson NANO Dev Kit

Is there any interest in porting the software to support the $99 NVIDIA Jetson NANO Dev Kit? I imagine there would be a big market for people wanting to protect their models.

Its something we are looking at for sure, and collecting use case feedback.

What OS would you use with nano?
Would you be connecting anything else to the GPIO header?
Do you have a specific application in mind?

Feel free to share here, or send us your thoughts to support@zymbit.com if you prefer.

Is there any Development for the Jetsont/Nvidia line?
I’d be using Ubuntu 18:04 which comes with the Jetson, and atm no other header connections that should interfere.

(I’ll just post some progress I’ve made)
I’m on a Jeton TX2; but also have a nano.

on a fresh TX2:
sudo apt0get install curl
sudo apt-get install -y i2x-tools
down load Jetson GPIO (which is basically a Rpi shell)
install the package via pip :
curl -G https://s3.amazonaws.com/zk-sw-repo/install_zk_sw.sh | sudo bash
Change the GPIO 4 pin to GPIO5 (gpio 398 / board pin 29) or GPIO_GCLK (gpio 396 / board pin 7) - I have no indication if these are directing correctly

I then run a series of i2c bus scans and Jetson_GPIO pin test (I can’t figure out how to permanently set a GPIO pin to an input)

I CAN run the zymkey.py examples and the LED does shift in blinking pattern; but returns : an error.

and twice now I’ve gotten the zymkey into developer mode (slow blink) but cannot figure out what I did, and have not been able to consistently reproduce (when the key is in dev mode, I can call it, and use the python examples.