Alternative GPIO

I am running a raspberry pi with raspbian headless 64bit on an rpi z2.

I have been trying to change to an alternative GPIO wake pin on the raspberry pi after encrypting from a pre-formatted USB.

I have burned a copy of my disk image. Then, when I encrypt from the USB using these steps 1. curl -G | sudo bash
2. journalctl -fu cfg_SD_crfs

The folder /var/lib/zymbit does not exist on my system and I cannot change the wake pin. Why is this?

@tennisparty Generally, you want to get everything setup and working prior to encrypting. The Zymkey and software should be installed, and if you need to change the GPIO wake pin take care of that before encrypting. Once you have everything running and the Zymeky blue LED is flashing once every three seconds, then start with a blank USB and do the encryption process.

Keep in mind that if you’ve already attempted an encryption with that USB stick, it will contain a tar file of all the root filesystem files from that run. It will use that tar file rather than create a new one to make the process go faster should you be encrypting many devices.