ZYMKEY changing pin issue

I seem to have an issue changing GPIO pin from 4 to 24 after encryption.

Using latest Raspberry Pi OS 32bit.

1 Install ZymKey software - worked.
2 Encrypted sd card using 64GB memory stick - worked (approx 1.5 hours).
3 Add gpio=24=ip to /boot/config.txt
4 Create /var/lib/zymbit/zkenv.conf with ZK_GPIO_WAKE_PIN=24
5 Shutdown, unplug, rewire ZymKey to pin 24
6 Power on, stuck at Pi Desktop logo, 8 flashes from ZymKey

Where are your flashing error codes listed?

@rpiMike - The flashing error codes are not publicly available at this time. 8 flashes indicates a problem communicating on the i2c bus, like the wrong GPIO pin is configured.

One thing that would leave you in the state you’re in is if you tried to configure a different GPIO wake pin after encrypting your rfs. Is your rfs encrypted? Normal procedure would be to get your hardware and software all sorted out and then go through the encryption process.