Exit code (error code, return value, exit status) 5 when running zk_pkcs11-util

I ran into an issue with my system a few weeks ago and I just figured out the solution and wanted to share.

For months (years?) I’ve been using the same Zymkey 4i and it has worked flawlessly. I tried to boot it up and build a new configuration from scratch and it didn’t work. zk_pkcs11-util didn’t print an error but returned exit code 5.

After a lot of digging I realized that the configuration I was working with had enabled 1-wire. This is done by adding “dtoverlay=w1-gpio” to config.txt on the boot partition.

Also, if i2c isn’t enabled you can see the same error.

In any case, if you get no error on the console, and you see that you’re getting error code 5 (run “echo $?” after the zk_pkcs11-util). Then:

  • Disabled 1-wire, if necessary
  • Re-enabled I2C