Getting public key gets stuck without any error

Get public key gets stuck without any error :unamused:

Script ran for about 40 minutes (got public key 453 times) before getting stuck. No errors were thrown

Last logs

Jun 27 13:50:50 raspberrypi[1361]: start Jun 27 13:50:50 raspberrypi[1361]: Got public key Jun 27 13:50:50 raspberrypi[1361]: done 0:00:00.086620 Jun 27 13:50:50 raspberrypi[1361]: (‘i’, 452) Jun 27 13:50:55 raspberrypi[1361]: start Jun 27 13:50:55 raspberrypi[1361]: Got public key Jun 27 13:50:55 raspberrypi[1361]: done 0:00:00.086637 Jun 27 13:50:55 raspberrypi[1361]: (‘i’, 453) Jun 27 13:51:00 raspberrypi[1361]: start

There aren’t any known issues with getting public key from Zymkey, but we’ll look into it.

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Ok thanks @Scott_of_Zymbit , if you see anything can you please let us know? We also found out that signing stopped after about 1-hour (or ~700 signs because it is signing at a 5-sec interval).

Hi @Scott_of_Zymbit- Were you guys able to follow up on that public key issue? Many thanks, Luke

@Luke Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time on it yet. We’ll be able to take a closer look late this week or early next week.

We are running your test script here under Raspbian Buster on a Pi 4. So far no failures in 10K runs (~2.8 hours).

Can you tell us a little bit about your system configuration?

  1. Pi model and OS?
  2. Do you have any other devices hanging off of the GPIO header?
  3. Do you have any CPU consuming processes running in parallel when you are running this test?

Hello scott,I’m using raspberry pi3 and stretch and I have connected LoRa (sx1278)module with
GPIO header.When I run the code which contains LoRa(transmission) and zymkey (encryption and decryption) code it is giving error like bad return code -110 from lock function after that binding also go off.If I need to bind means again I need to reboot pi then only it is binding.If I use zymkey only then no error is coming.please help me as soon as possible because my project is already get delayed.Thanks in advance.

Hi Scott,

  1. The Pi is Raspberry Pi Model 3 B, ver 1.2. OS: Raspbian Stretch
  2. Nothing else on the GPIO.
  3. Do you have any CPU consuming processes running in parallel when you are running this test?
    Yes, but it’s not CPU intensive and it is not related to Zymkey or this test.

My thinking is that, if the zymkey interface daemon (zkifc) gets starved out from heartbeats, it will reboot itself. This will result in a momentary interruption of services which could eventually end up causing an exception if in mid-transaction.

Also, is your power supply up to the task? It should at least be able to supply 2.5A.

WOW that might be a factor, our power supply is 2A.

Yeah, we’ve seen issues where the pi will droop the i2c signals if the PS is insufficient.

Many thanks, we will go and check it by replacing the power supply to 2.5A and see what happens…

OK, let us know if that fixes things for you.

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We had the Zymkey crash and corrupt the OS a few days ago (possible it was SD card related). So I updated the OS to Raspbian Buster. Is that a good move?

I can’t think of any way the Zymkey could crash the system and consequently corrupt the OS. Can you be more specific?

In general, upgrading to new major versions of Raspbian (e.g. Wheezy to Stretch) has been sketchy in the past, but I think that the upgrade path from Stretch to Buster should work fine. Zymkey is fully supported in Buster, so there should be no problems there.

Hi @Scott_of_Zymbit-yeah we are not sure what exactly crashed the OS, because we couldn’t recover the SD card. So it is entirely possible that it wasn’t related to Zymbit as well. We were doing a lot of database writes on the actual SD card, so we have now moved that over to another dedicated USB key.
Thanks for the information and I will let you know if we find out anything more.