Binding & Shutdown Issues - Solution in New Release


Binding Issues
In recent weeks we have learned that some developers are experiencing difficulties when binding zymkey to their host/application. Also some have seen loss of connection to the Zymkey in a soft shutdown/reboot situation. Not all users have experienced this issue.

Solution in New Code Release
After digging into the symptoms and various use cases, we believe we have now identified the root issue, which relates to how I2C is managed under Stretch and the existence of certain edge/system conditions. The problem is more apparent on RPi 3B+, for a variety of reasons.

Our dev team has a working solution that is being run through production testing and should be available in a new release within 48 hours. The new release will contain more details and context.

Thanks to all who have helped us identify the root issue and build a solution.

We’ll update you when the release is available.

Unable to bind in development mode?
Disable blinking led when shutdown?

Update on new release:

Our production testing kicked out an issue on Friday that we have been working to resolve over the weekend… this is why we do testing :wink:

We’ll update you again in 48 hours. Thanks for your patience.


OK, so we have been chasing down one last remaining edge condition relating to how 3B+/Stretch supports dm-crypt/LUKS under certain system configuration/load conditions. We are pretty confident the root cause is now understood, and we have a solution that is going through build/production testing this weekend.

We hope to have something for general release 3/25 ~ 3/26

Thanks again to those who have supported us with their application & test data.


You actually do regression testing! WOW! Kudos to your Q/A department, CTO and whomever insists on such actions. Good job!