ProtoKit 5

See the most recent ProtoKit5 documentation on Zymbit’s Documentation Site.

@Tgratier Check out the new ProtoKit 5. We have listened to feedback from you and other customers and made ProtoKit5 easier to integrate and more secure than ProtoKit4. (Documentation still in draft form)

Let us know what you think about it !

Does this power both the pi and the zybit module? What amperage should it be? 2amp?

Yes the +5V connector powers the Pi, via the GPIO header pins 2 & 4, also the Zymkey.

The recommended power for the Pi is 5V, 2.5A. The zymbit 4i takes neglible current (only a few millamps). If you add other power hungry devices (eg a modem) you may need additional current too. (The connector is rated at 8A).

Is it possible to use with protokit 5? If not, what LTE GSM modules can I use with pi 3B+ and the protokit? Best regards


After a brief review of your selected modem, we believe it will be possible to use it with ProtoKit 5, but cannot guarantee it 100%.

You will need to make the following configurations:

  • GPIO4 - will need to be remapped to another GPIO(5) - instructions here >
  • I2C - addresses will need to be configured to NOT conflict - instructions here >
  • Mechanically, we suggest you fit the modem to the underside of the protoboard - images to follow >

Thank you for your answer. I’m waiting for the picture. As it seems there is no space inside the protokit box to fit in both the pi and the gsm hat. Do you have any hardware suggestion, which module can easily fit inside the box and support fast gsm like lte?
Best regards Matthias


  1. The modem you have selected can be fitted like this - but it will probably conflict mechanically with the Zymkey (if you are using it), so you might need to cut out the zymkey header.

  1. Alternatively a more flexible solution would be to use a USB stick LTE modem, like this one. There are many options available - so pick whats good for your country.

If you use a short USB extender cable you can then fix the USB stick where you want in the protokit box:




You might find this new topic helpful - both these customers used USB type modems…

Hi, I am very positive about the Zymkey modules and I am looking for an enclosure system which is impossible to be tampered with. Basically I want to be sure the keys are erased before somebody can take over the raspberry. I was planning to use the ProtoKit5 as demo. However, I have some doubts.
First a question: Is the custom shield included? If not, do you sell it?
I might have misunderstood the system, but it looks to me that it can be easily penetrated from the side where the connectors are. By cutting a right sized hole there, the raspberry USB connectors can be reached and a keyboard connected. From there, the sudo password can be reset and the system is ready for misuse. I would be happy to get your comments or suggestions on the subject.

Hi Gilbert,

Good to read your are positive about Zymkey !

The ProtoKit5 is for prototyping your application, with some tamper switches on board to illustrate how you might connect a tamper circuit in your application.

It is not intended as a ‘bullet proof’ tamper proof enclosure - which can be difficult and costly to achieve, especially as a generic solution. Unfortunately one size does not fit all !

For some ideas on how other customers have integrated tamper detect circuits, check out here >

The custom shield is one such example (for the smaller ProtoKit4), but not sold as a standard product.

Zymbit does supply custom engineered tamper circuits and tamper proof enclosures for OEM applications. If you can send us some information on what level of physical security you are hoping to achieve, also what your volume and cost targets are then we can respond with some ideas and solutions. Please send your information, and contact details here > contact zymbit