Timeouts on tap detect

Hi, I am using Zymkey 4i on an RPI 5 and using the C API. I have two threads - one is calling zkWaitForTap with a timeout of 1000 ms and the other is calling zkGetAccelerometerData every 10 seconds in order to collect G and Tap data across x,y,z. Without the tap detect thread, the Accelerometer data collection runs unblocked every 10 seconds. But when the two threads are running concurrently, the accelerometer data collection seems to be get blocked often.

Question: how often is practical to run these functions? What is recommended? My goal is to be able to detect as soon as possible if the device was moved/touched or otherwise tapped.

You are probably fine with just the tap detect. If someone moves your PI, you’ll detect a tap. When the tap is detected, get the accelerometer data.

Thank you @Bob_of_Zymbit. What would you recommend as the ideal timeout period - one that allows for fast detection but also does not result is too many errors?