Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Availability?

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS was released last month. Its distro name is Focal and long term support goes till April 2025.

I decided to try installing the Zymbit tools to test compatibility. I didn’t get very far but here are my findings:

  • There is no python-pip package any longer. Then again, I believe support for Python 2 was dropped in January. This breaks the install script.
  • The gpio group add and permissions changes in the beginning of the install script only execute if the group doesn’t exist. I think everything except the group add should probably be brought outside that if statement if they are relevant.
  • I was hoping the install script could be made non-interactive. It requires answering “YES” if the gpio group does not exist.
  • For my particular use case, I want to install the software without enabling any systemd services and without reloading the device.

I’ll keep hacking away at it and will post any further findings.

Zymbit: Are there any current plans on the horizon to support 20.04? Thanks!

We plan on supporting Ubuntu 20.04 in an upcoming release.

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Hi Scott - is there a tentative release date to support Ubuntu 20.04 on the RP1-4. I would rather run 64-bit OS on my RPi-4 8-Gig card.

Hi Scott, any update on when we can start using zymkey 4i with ubuntu 20.04?

We are targeting 20.04 support by the end of June.

Sweet! Thank you for the update!

Good Day - Just wondering if there is any word on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS support??

We are are finishing testing up. Should be in place by Friday.

Great to hear Bob - Nice to see things do have a schedule that people stick to. :wink:

Are there any differences when doing the install on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS vs Raspberry versions??

There are no differences in the installation for Ubuntu 20.04 or the Raspberry OS versions. I apologize for us being a little late but we will post the release with 20.04 support shortly.

HI Bob - Thanks for the clarification. Just curious as to how it is going for the 20.04 support. As you might guess I am chomping at the bit to do some work with the Zymbit module in 20.04 LTS.

20.04 is looking good. We are just a little late checking all the other flavors of operating systems. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks Bob, looking forward to it!

Hi, I just wanted to make sure you saw the announcement here that 20.04 support is now available.

Thanks for the information sharing